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Startup Film Studio Secures $200 Million After Founder Makes Outrageous Promise To Investor

Castle V's Founder Promised Investor To Exile Himself To North Korea If He Doesn’t Deliver 7x In 7 Years

I believe so much in Castle V’s vision that I’m willing to bet my life”
— Castle V Founder

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 21, 2018 / -- For years, behind the scenes, people have been secretly orchestrating a big vision for a new film studio. Their grandiose plan includes launching the world's first co-living, co-working, and co-sharing film studio with the most creative company culture on the planet. Castle V is well on its way to having an innovative culture starting with their founder’s outrageous promise. He's promised the investor that he will exile himself to North Korea if Castle V doesn’t deliver 7x returns in 7 years.

“Castle V isn’t about me. I'm not trying to become famous for it. Castle V is about impacting the world.” states Mr. Pink, Castle V's founder. He chooses to remain anonymous for the time being, hence the Mr. Pink pseudonym.

To achieve Castle V's vision of having the most creative company culture on the planet, Castle V has partnered with Fulltential. Fulltential specializes in ONE THING - eradicating fear from organizations.

“I believe a person's creativity is one of most valuable assets a company has. I believe creativity drives success. Edwin Catmull, the president of Disney and Pixar Animations, stated fear is the biggest destroyer of creativity in his book Creativivty Inc. Fulltential's expertise will ensure Castle V's culture remains Absence of Fear™ and allow people's creativity to flourish.” states Mr. Pink.

The investors aren’t the only ones getting a bodacious promise. Mr. Pink is promising that the first 100+ employees will be worth $1 million after seven years else he’ll genocide himself to North Korea.

Found on Castle V’s website are outrageous company rules. LIke, Rule #3. If two employees get married while working at our new HQ, they get extract vacation time each year. Or, Rule #6, you can come to work in a costume if you want.

Castle V’s plans to have almost every conceivable amenity. Including a luxurious onsite doggie pet resort designed by Pets Onsite, an ice skating rink, indoor parachuting, movie theater, nightclub, bowling, gym and much more. Phase I employee shared toys include Class A RVs, ATVs, boats, Tesla cars, motorcycles, and jet skis and more.

“Instead of each of us trying to build our own castles we’ll build one together. In doing so, we’ll share more stuff together than we ever could alone,” states Mr. Pink. Castle V plans to have onsite doctors, dentists, and veterinarians providing free services to Castle V'rs.

Planned inside Castle V’s HQ is a space equivalent to a football field for movie production. The film startup has secured a pipeline of hundreds of movies, documentaries, and reality series spanning all genres. Like, a family film called, “Duct Tape Daddy - There’s nothing duct tape, and love can’t fix.” A romantic PG comedy called, “Blue Balls - Don't make us wait longer.” A scary film called Snowed Inn. We especially love the tagline, “They’re already buried, now it’s time for them to die.”

Castle V's team is busy working with several Carribean island governments and Asian countries to secure the perfect location for their new film studio. The team is also evaluating hundreds of anxious applicants wanting to be part of Castle V.

We asked Mr. Pink how he can make such bold promises to his investor? “Many great people throughout history had visions that they were willing to lay their lives down for. Lots of them did die believing in their vision. I believe so much in Castle V’s vision that I’m willing to bet my life. Jesus laid his life down for a vision he received from God. I got Castle V's vision from God.”

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